Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jimmy's 21st

ok so this weekend was Jimmy's 21st Birthday! We went to Buckhead Saloon to celebrate!!! It was so much fun, so cheap, and SO QUICK! The night flew by before I could even start to have fun!!! The sad part is that it started at 7. HAHA!!!
Here are the boy. Marky Mark, Jimmy, and Chris.
This is Jimmy's uncle Jimmy. HA! He doesn't call him uncle though. Just Jimmy. I call him Uncle Punk! That's his last name. He called me Ka-Toll-Booth all night. LOL! I was calling me Ka-Zull-Ka, but I told him....No Uncle Punk it's Ka-Tul-ka.....Tul like TOLL....like TOLL BOOTH. So that's how I got the name Ka-Toll Booth!
Outside smoking......with MARY!! This is my future mother-in-law. It's Jimmy's mom!!! :) Oh and my home-girl Sarah! LOVE THEM!
Me and Sarah.....this is my other sister. She and I are so much alike it os REDIC!
Oh yea, this is me riding the bull. yes yes yes I RODE THE BULL!!! It was so much fun! This is when I just got there too. I was drunk from the bus ride. Party buses are the SHIZ-NAT!

Sarah and her hubby Marcus. oh and me! I'm having such a BLAST....cant you tell?
Me and the birthday boy! This is us getting ready to leave for PAT'S! you can see the bus in the back! Yes it picked us up at the front door. what more can you ask for?
HAHAHA!!! Stripper pole on the bus. Go head Caleigh get your leg up!!!! Tic-Toc - Put that tongue away nasty!!!
This is the bus!!!! Well half the bus really. I couldn't turn around to take a pic of the other half....the bus was moving way to fast for my liking.
And this is Jimmy by the end of the night. The way a i21 year old should be on their birthday! Pictures are worth a thousand words.

Well I had a blast, and I can't wait until April to do it all over again for ANNA!!!!!!!!!!! MY <3

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Daily dose of Dana said...

looks like u had a great time!!!!!! love you on the bull!!! don't get hurt!!! thats crazy!!!!